Today I put the deposit

Today I put the deposit down on a new flat. It's a dinky little one bedroomed/seperate kitchen/small lounge affair underneath a three bedroomed house which is also being rented out. It's not far from where I am living now and I move in on Saturday.

It's all very smile inducing I must say. Another big life change in the Life of a Mish. (had my hair cut short last weekend too) I had quite a full on day yesterday actually. Spent the morning with *insert none-of-your-business-name here* and that was very nice. Then off to Lunch with Justin and Farrar and their friends, but because I am a rude bitch, I stayed at the Parade too long and was very very late for lunch, arg and it was Justin's birthday (i suck) but it was nice meeting his friends and it is always neat spending time with him. I really do miss him everyday.

Then at home again and I felt like going out, so made Greg take me to the pub and to a movie. He doesn't like going out, let along going out with me. To compensate we went to a pub that was showing rugby and then to the movie Three Kings (I will do anything for company sometimes). After all that I was tired. Bone tired. Fell into bed and straight to sleep. Unfortunately not for as long as I would have liked. Greg woke me at around 2:45am and needed to be driven to the doctor. He has been having stomach pains on and off for about a month (apparently) but last night they were so severe that a trip to Accident and Emergency was called for. Three hours and a bunch of drugs later I was back in my bed at 5:30am and straight to sleep. Now I am knackered. I just hate broken sleeps. Not working today meant I could (maybe) catch up on some shut eye but alas, it was not to be.

In case you missed the exciting news, Team New Zealand successfully defended the America's Cup 5-0 against Prada, Italy's entry, so now hold the Old Mug for another three years til the next challenge on the Hauraki Gulf. It rocked. Okay I know a lot of you think watching paint dry is probably more exciting than watching the yachting (or cricket for that matter - and as an aside, we beat Australia in the third of the One Day tests, but failed to win the series.. we have a new wicket keeper who has added lots of life to the game. Parore was just a spoiled brat and I am glad his pretty face and lazy style has gone. The wicket keeper needs to be active and full of life and energy, and Mr Nevin sure has that in truckloads.) but you are all wrong on both counts. Yachting rocks. It's exciting and interesting and technologically suped up and brings out the big money players. It's just so ultra glam and super groovy. I can't wait for three years to see what technological advances the Virtual Spectator software will use, their 3D graphics are stunning, just stunning. The voice over commentaries are informative, educational, and emotion packed. This sport stops this country in its tracks. As the Melbourne Cup stops Australia once a year.. each of the Defender's races for the America's Cup stopped our country. It's just a National Buzz. Very cool.

So we had a tickertape parade down Queen Street. It was a lot quieter than when they brought the Cup home the first time, but no less emotional. The Italians led the Parade in traditional garb in the scortching heat. The carried large flags and stopped every few meters to give us a synchronised show. It was fabulous, yet sombre. We cheered and cheered Prada. They will be back again and we will be glad to have them.

Then the Black Boat crew. Standing on the backs of Utes, four per vehicle, waving at the crowd all the way down the long street. First the helmsmen, and the smaller of the crew.. later on the big grinders and the meat of the boat.. followed in the center by Sir Peter Blake and the Cup.. the Money men came in behind with their clean white shirt pockets bright with a pair of red socks each.