ahem.. so its like.. the

ahem.. so its like.. the 9th of March.. not the 8th. NOt that I got the day wrong as much as I had nothing to say yesterday. And today I don't have a hell of a lot more to say either.

Today I met Phil. I have been listening to Phil's voice ever since I started work. He is our 'voiceover man'.. a radio station announcer who does all the voice overs for the work we need voiceovers to. He's 6'6" .. a bigggg man.. not big wide just solid and tall. He seems nice. Called me a genius so he is at least smart *snorts* He drinks vodka so he can't be all bad. He appears to be single and he doesnt wear speedos anymore *phew* well.. so the story goes. He is very good at what he does. Fast and clear and officially the other staff member. wha hoo.. i think we may actually be able to have a Christmas Party this year.

I told my boss I wouldn't leave today. He said he was afraid for the business if I left before the Huntly project was done (two years) because he was already losing touch with what was going on and how things are being made and I have only been there six weeks. He wants me to be full time on this project but is worried that if I leave before it's done he won't be able to finish it. Guilt works well on catholics.

So I am staying. (remember I said that.. note the date)

(i will stop moaning about my job too.. deal?)

Tomorrow I sign my lease and get my keys. I have a bed and a computer and a fridge (thanks to Sue) and a new home. You can phone me whenever you like.. you can write me when ever you like. Yeh yeh I know.. i have stuff here for Freya from like BEFORE she came to visit and stuff for Sander for his birthday. Even if I was organised enough to post them tomorrow I am flat broke and can't afford the stamp. I hope they love me despite the fact I am U S E L E S S.

Saturday marks the second anniversary of Alan's death. Can you believe that it was two and a half years ago you were all nursing me through that? Goodness. We are all doing a lot better now two years along. This time last year I lost the plot. Was out of my emotional control even more than at the time he died. Man alive. It wasnt easy times was it? Both Wendy and I are much much stronger and happier and better. We miss him of course but we are the people we are today because he died two years ago. It was his gift to us I suppose you could say. We are better for what we have gone through. Shame the price was so very high.