Busy old weekend it has

Busy old weekend it has been. Started on Saturday morning with an early drive into the city to have my hair cut short. It looks great. I like my hair cut very much. I will biff a pic up soon for you to agree with me that it suits me very well.

Popped over to see Sue in the afternoon and catch up on all her gossip. I haven't seen her very much lately so I got the low down on everything that's happening in her life and in the lives of those she knows. Then home to throw together a bread dip plate to take over to Mags' house for her 40th birthday party.

That all went very well, even if a few people there knew me and I couldn't place them for all the tea in China. I felt good, and had a good night. I slept over there and came home around lunchtime. Sleeping in my clothes and feeling hungover, made for a very unattractive Mish this morning. But I have showered and dressed and although I don't feel great (mostly due to smoking rather than too much vodka) things are pretty damn nice today.

I can feel work getting better.. or I am getting more used to it. John mentioned on Friday that he was thinking of putting me on the big Huntly Project full time, which would mean he would have to hire another person to do my job. He asked if Rachelle could give him a ring so wouldn't that be groovy. She's really keen and coming in at the end of the week to meet with John and then we will see what happens next.

I bought some makeup yesterday. I really shouldn't have, because it was so expensive, but I did. Lipstick, mascara and powder. It's all lovely. I bought a chocolate plum lipstick that is dark and striking. Jacqui told me I should wear more colour on my lips, so that's what I did.. marched out and bought the chocolate plum for night and a clear gloss coral for day. She also growled me for wearing the same lipstick too often. She rocks. She's also very right most of the time so I do as I am told. I wore the darker shade last night and it just brighted up my skin tone and my eyes and I looked nice.