Today I actually had a

Today I actually had a good day at work. For those of you who don't realise, my new job has been proving to be less than I had imagined. Not the work, that's great - or will be - but today was okay. I miss the Web, that's a problem. Parts of the job are really good and some will be even better once I am 'trusted' and it's been proven often that I am not. I hate people who say one thing then do another. *scrunches one eye shut*
February, 2000

OH dear.. I could moan and moan and MOAN about today.. but I won't.. because you just never know who's listening. Needless to say I read the Situations Vacant Adverts EVERYDAY.

Did you like the transition thing as you entered this page today? what do you mean you missed it? reload and sit and watch the page load.

DHTML rocks.

Day Two of the Defense of the America's Cup. Prada had a SHOCKER of a race (apparently, I didnt see it all but thats part of why I am looking at want ads). They had to have a guy lifted off the boat after the weedwacker doohicky smacked a hole in his head.. blood all over Prada's side. They had a bag snagged on the hull so had to come to a full stop up the first leg to take care of that. They tried to pull it together but they were rattled. They lost Race Two. I don't think we want to win it that way, but its all about handling pressure isn't it? and team work. We rock.

I am tired. I sleep and I sleep .. well 7 hours.. but wake up so tired I can't get up. I hope it's just some sort of seasonal weirdality and not that liver thingie flaring up again. Thats all I need. NOT.

It was Mags' Birthday yesterday.. Jo's too. I phoned neither of them *eek* I kept forgetting. they understand how useless I am thank god. Mags is having a party not a party party on Saturday night. That'll be good cos I will get T O T A L L E D and I don't CARE how much work there is to do at work I am NOT WORKING SUNDAY this weekend *humpfs*

I miss the Internet. I miss updating my page. I miss checking my mail. I miss Sander, I miss Freya, I miss Mike, I miss Adam, I miss Bob. arg. I need a proper job with people who live in the '90s arg. oops *L* i mean the 00's *L*

oh god.. i am gonna go and cry myself to sleep now.. the truth is, I am miserable.