I have been feeling crappy

I have been feeling crappy all week. Not that sickly kind of crappy, but that "I think I made a mistake" nagging kind of crappy.

Gawd - I just read Sander's entry in my guestbook and under his kem's and under his kate's and under that kate's other post and now I feel like a bitch for what I was gonna say. So I won't say it.

I am a grown up right? I don't have to like the people I work with, if the works good and I can do it and find it interesting/stimulating/rewarding at times it's worth doing, isn't it? Even if the environment isn't all it could be? right? right?

Okay, so althougth I didn't have a lot to do with the design, I did fix some of the code of the frames up and the links and provided some password thingy and finished this site and its up online if you wanna see. Please eMail if you find any bits that don't work or fail to load or take ages or whatever. It's loading pretty well here at home but at work it's a dog.

God, I hate links that say Click here.