The Louis Vuitton cup went

The Louis Vuitton cup went right down to the wire. Best of nine races, Prada and America One went into todays ninth and deciding race four all.

New Zealand holds The America's Cup, one of yachting's most prestigious competitions. Apparently, the yacht club that wins the America's Cup can make the rules up for each challenge. Good old America used to have groovy rules such as each challenger had to sail their racing vessel to America before they could race, and other not-so-fair type rules. Sheesh, no wonder American's have the reputation they have. So, I was saying, the Louis Vuitton Cup is raced to find who will be the challenger for the America's Cup, presently held by the Mercury Bay Yacht Club, in New Zealand - where the Louis Vuitton and the America's Cup will be raced.

So today, I can't say I wanted America One to win. They raced really well but their Captain has been a bit surly and a bit snotty at times, enforcing the arogant american stereotype. The Italians on Prada have as much to gain or lose as the Americans, but they seem to be able to be nice to people at the same time. When they crossed the line today, 00:49 seconds in front of America One, I was pleased.

Luna Rossa, sponsered by Prada, sailed by Italian sailors will challenge Team New Zealand for the America's Cup.


We love this stuff down here. The entire country is behind our Team. Fabric has gone to all the towns and cities and people have signed their good wishes for a great challenge on the cloth, now it's being made into a sail for our boat. We all wear red socks for good luck. Sir Peter Blake was the skipper of KZ7 when we won the cup and he wore red socks everyday because he didn't want to jinx the outcome by changing his socks. So now, we all do too. The money made from selling the socks goes towards the challenge - it costs mind-blowing amounts of money to race this race.

Today I worked. Today I worked for 9 hours straight. Today I finished a website. I hadn't started the website, but I spent 20 hours finishing it. Including a password protected area. I have another 2 or 3 websites to finish up. Those will come next week I suppose. I am looking forward to being able to design and make our company web site though. That will be a challenge.

Tomorrow I am off to Hamilton and the Dairy Plant thing/place (I will know more about where I have been than where I am going). It's going to be a long day. When we get back (after 6pm I believe) I have to upload previously mentioned webpage. That'll take a wee while. Quite a few pages in that puppy.

So this is work. I am finding my rhythm. I am feeling less like a newbie and a little more confident. That always helps. Thankfully, that might also mean I can stop talking about work as it becomes part of my life and not this new thing. thing. I miss everyone. Am missing everyone. I don't get the time I like to be online (am not online at work and it sucks). I just have to.. find my groove. I'm getting there.