I had the worst night

I had the worst night last night - getting up four times, damn period. You males don't even KNOW you're alive! Today I am completely worn out. I feel like a wrung-out dish rag. Rachelle's attempted to ask a couple of simple questions and I have had ZERO comprehension. Just staring at her blankly as she dumbs down and dumbs down to accommodate my vagueness. I have absolutely no tolerance for my boss today either. He has only asked me one thing and I doubt he'll ask me another, not today anyway. And it's hot and muggy and I swear there isn't an oxygen molecule in the whole place. I am flushed. Hoping the can of Pepsi'll help.

The weekend was okay but I was grumpy on Saturday. Amy said at one stage "Don't get grumpy at me" and I had to assure her she wasn't doing anything wrong, just between the heat, my lack of sleep, and my impending menstrual flow, my nerves were insensitive. She made me go lie down and take a nap. I could have slept 'til 11pm. She woke me at 4:40pm so I could get up and get ready. We went to Cinderella, the Ballet. Had dinner at Planet Hollywood first and that was okay (enough). Cinderella was okay, though I felt the lead (Cinders) was weak, and I sensed the cast working hard to support her, literally in the case of the Prince who seemed to be struggling a couple of times to get the right grip on his tiny partner. The overwhelming feeling I had as they bowed and encore was of a High School Production.

But then, I am very critical. I've done sets, I know how hard it is. I've watched our concerts come together and fall apart at the seams, I do know how hard it is. But still, at that level, I shouldn't be able to notice the flaws - I am just a member of the audience.

Doesn't seem like any of us are writing much these days. Probably all busy and/or tired. December isn't a very good month for getting everything done. I need a holiday, do you? Looking forward to my flat for a week and no work, just getting much needed MishStuff done.