My friend Justin rocks the

My friend Justin rocks the house that rocks the party. Or in Mishspeak.. he's the beesknees.

I am officially divorced. The papers were in the post yesterday. I was asked if I felt sad. No, I don't feel sad, I was done with sad/mad/bad (cat in the hat) feelings long ago. But it does feel strange. It's not an easy thing to do, ending a marriage - emotionally or practically. The process takes time and thought and spine. I think Greg and I have handled the situation as well as we could have, and both of us are happy with our decisions and the outcomes. We continue to be amicable and communicate. In fact, we have a better relationship now than when we were married.

Last night, Rachelle and I went to the movies to see Unbreakable with Bruce Willis, Robin Wright Penn and Samual L Jackson. You'd think, with that cast, and the team from the Sixth Sense you're bound for success. I have been told it's not a comedy. I guess I shouldn't have snickered at Samual L's wardrobe (his hair was a tragedy too).. I guess laughing when the hero fell into the pool..or barked out laughing at the sight of our hero's son pointing a gun at him. But hell, its a movie that misses the mark time and again. I found it hilarious. Saying that, there was one point at the end of the movie that grabbed both Rachelle's and my attention and held it.. the sight of three G3 Macs and three flat screen monitors.. sad but true.

Before we went to the movies, we had a beer and chips at Sheepy's (big surprise there)[oh, and while I think about it - Dec 21st Surfing Safari at Sheepy's Papatoetoe, wear your Hawaiian shirts and come ride the mechanical waves, we'll be there] I arrived first and ordered my beer. Did I tell you about the little man who told me my laugh was awful? Well, he was there. He and his friends were standing at the bar. He spoke to me, being polite this time.

HIM: "Hello"
MOI: "Hello"
HIM: "What do you do for a living?"
MOI: "I made CDROM's"
HIM: [blank look]
MOI: "Online computer based learning"
HIM: [head tilt, blank look]
MOI: "Web pages and shit"
HIM: "OHH.. computers?"
HIS FRIEND: "Come on, you asked her that question last time, remember? you were drunk. You tried to get her to come back to your place to fix your computer"
THEM: [snickering]
MOI: "yes, remember? I did come home with you. We had sex. It was the most disappointing two minutes of my entire life."
THEM: [riotous laughter]
HIM: [straight faced not laughing]

I continue to attract the finest calibre of male attention. *sag*