It's Wednesday and my deadline

It's Wednesday and my deadline is hurtling towards me at a great speed. One good thing though, and that's that last night I slept. Of course I do sleep at night, most nights in fact, just not always when I go to bed and most often not straight away. The night before, for instance, I decided at 0330 that if I was still awake by 0400 I would get up and go to work. That happens quite a lot to me, though often not so late. If I go to bed at say - 2300 or 0000 - it's not uncommon for me to still be tossing and turning in the dark to see the clock at 0200.

Ron and I found Life Class hard work last night. Not that it isn't always hard work, but doing series of male nudes exploring weight shift isn't as easy as it looks. My first guy was falling backwards. By the forth he was looking more 'planted'. I cheat of course and use blocks of shading to achieve shape. Mostly everyone else is new and doesn't know how to or even if you are allowed to, use shading. I say cheating because it does cover up a multitude of sins. So we moved from drawing the whole body to zooming in to creat more of a composition with figure and paper. I had this wonderful idea of slicing the models body in half and only drawing his torso, which, by the way he was sitting, included his hands, a knee, leg etc and no penis (bonus). It went astray and I only ended up with his hands. One gargolian hand and one not-too-badly-shaped-hand. Afterwards, Ron and I went to O'Hagans for a drink and a natter. We've decided that's gonna be a weekly after-class-thing (anyexcuse*s*).

I have spring flowers on my desk. Clear yellow and such a lovely scent. The day is grey and mistyraining, but not cold. Coming to work knowing my boss isn't here is a whole 'nother ball game. It's OK. It's nice even. There was no dread no whinging. It's nice. And although I know that I will be working later this evening because I am taking the time to write this now, it's okay too. This is how it should be. Make the most of it Michelle, he's back tomorrow to fix the computer he broke before he left so you can work like a demon to get the video clips done ontime. Ah well, it'll all turn out in the end. Fish are like that.

hands - black and white crayon on sugar paper