"OH WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEEEKKKKEENNDDDD .." Gosh what a loverly weekend. Nice weather, nice company, and I finally BOUGHT A FRIDGE. Man alive, it's been months since I had a fridge, I was desperation-city for the last fortnight, giving up any attempt to eat at home and then so-so-sick of eating out and so-so-poor from having to do so. But now I have a fridge, and not just any old fridge either, a Fisher and Paykal Intuitive Fridge.

I went out on Monday, which was a Public Holiday here, to shop. I don't normally do that, but I thought about some of the sales I had seen advertised and decided I needed a few things: glasses, towels and plates. You know something? I hate shopping. I really do. I came home with nothing after trudging around for about 2 hours. I don't enjoy people - they all walk slow and their trolley's get in my way. I couldn't see anything that I wanted and 'any old thing' never does. It has to be the right thing. So I stick with my plastic tumblers and too-many-bowls-not-enough-plates until I see something that suits, in a shop that isn't too crowded, for a price I am willing to pay. *checks my watch* when's the next Blue Moon?

I wrote to Loobylu and asked her which WACOM she uses. A 9x12 Intuos tablet . Now there is something worth shopping for. Not that I've seen much of the WACOM range in stores but ordering it online seems to be no problem. I'm not sure what I need one for, but Freya says I need one - she is never wrong.

Do you have any idea how busy I am this week? no, I didn't think you did or you wouldn't be here chatting with me you'd be letting me get on with my work. I'm cutting it fine again: biggg surprise *g*.

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