It's the week. Finally, the

It's the week. Finally, the first week of October has arrived, which means KidA by Radiohead goes on sale here in New Zealand on Friday. I want it. I shall have it.

Nice equation... I + want = Have. *nods* and like gravity and time this too is a law of nature. [not really, just sounding powerful]

I feel anything BUT powerful these days.

In the summer, when the concrete sizzles from pool wet feet and skin is nut brown and hair sunbleached white, eyes screwed up from the brightness of the water and the sting of the chlorine, when you swim and swim until you are almost trancelike tired and you skin feels so clean its as if it's become transparent, when you are home and dry and in clean clothes and your dad is watching the cricket on television and your eyelids are heavy heavy heavier - that's how i feel right now.

And.. that's where I want to be right now. Eight years old with my daddy's arm around me cursing the umpire as sleep swallows me whole and safe and dark and loved.

with a kiss on top of my head.