It's raining. Rain spotlets on

It's raining. Rain spotlets on my shirt running in from my car. One day I will have to invest in an umbrella. One day.

My work life is tense. Something is going to 'give' soon. I hope I'm not here for that. I avoid confrontation like the plague. Crazy that. I have confidence at work, I have confidence dealing with people. I don't understand that part of my personality. Rachelle and I went out for a quick pizza last night to end the day on a more positive note so (hopefully) the strain of the day wouldn't be carried into today. I'm late this morning but from the looks things, it may have worked. We were both looking forward to a quiet male-free day but due to the weather I assume that's not going to be the case afterall.

My evening at Suzie's the other night proved better than I had expected. For a long time I have been thinking about family memories and stories and events and how to make them available to people once the members who tell them are gone. In the past I spoke about it, and on Monday all the bits and pieces fell into place in my brain. I feel the bubbling of a new and fairly major project in my mind. Of journalling and photographs. Writing down events and dates, names and feelings, to leave for those who come afterwards. Because although I'll never be anyone of particular importance or significance, I have a life my Grandchildren might be interested in, or their grandchildren, or theirs.

The New Zealand dollar is scaring me. To travel next year is going to cost more than it ever has before. As I speak with people online more and more of them are saying they'd like to meet or have coffee or whatever. It's going to be very interesting if nothing else. is not going anywhere very fast at all. I don't quite know what that's all about. Yes I do really. It's a matter of going through the design process. Stuff just doesn't occur. It needs to form - from brainstorming to formulating a plan and a reason and a way. It requires large sheets of paper and much think-linking and I just haven't done any of that yet - for what reason? no reason. Just do it M.

Conversation from a Theatre

M "That universtity is called Ithaca?"
R "Yeh, strange name, huh."
M "Ohh.. I sometimes email a guy who is at the University of Ithaca in New York State."
R "Wha?"
M "Yeh, [actual] is writing part of his dissertation at Ithaca, I didn't know what he meant by those letters until just now."
R "You like know - e v e r y b o d y."