Looks like a habit is

Looks like a habit is forming folks! I'm writing every Monday. Oh and.. I have to change the width of this column cos Phil doesn't like it so narrow.

I am in a mood. No, no. Not a bad mood (I don't think) - more an introspective mood. Quiet. I don't feel like talking out loud. I don't feel like chatting with my fingertips. I have Mozart in my ears, and have arranged my next few days to be spent doing animations and sound capture, which will keep me busy but out of people's hair.

This morning, after a sound session with Phil, I drove down to Huntly to pick up some digital tapes with images and video on them for this stage of the project. It was a nice drive and a good short meeting. Terry is a really nice man. His voice is soft, but not quiet. Sometimes, I think he's gentle. At times he shows he does not suffer fools lightly - I like that in people. On the way back, I stopped at a furniture store that always catches my eye on that Auckland - Huntly trip. I am looking for an entertainment system cabinet - just to keep in you my furniture-loop. Most of their furniture was wooden and wicker. But there was one chair, an armchair, and when I sat in it. Well. It was just the most comfortable chair. Like Goldilocks in BabyBear's chair (had his been hand made in terracotta leather by Italian craftsmen) the chair fit me perfectly. If only I had a flat big enough to do justice to such an item.

Not a great 'sharer of links', mostly because I don't stray far from the path. But Flash fans out there will have to be impressed with this - hell - anyone with eyes has to be impressed with this.

Okay, time to go capture Phil's voice. Remember - use it or lose it.