I seem to be hypered

I seem to be hypered up. Today was my first day in work in .. in.. hell. A long time. Although I feel a bit overwhelmed and out of my depth and desperate to please, I am so SO glad to be working again. I know I will get better/faster/learn lots fast as anything. I can see so much potential in this job as far as advancing my seedling career goes.

I was telling Freya, well mostly just bubbling over and I actually said people could "suck my dick" but really they can dammit. I have been 'on' the Internet for four years, and have, through all that time, had people basically hounding me about how I was 'wasting my time' and how I was 'living in a dream world' because 'the internet was just a fad' etc etc. I would get people on the phone leaving agressive messages on the answer phone because my line was always engaged, and then when I got the second line specifically for the internet connection, they would still abuse the crap out of me for being on "that bloody computer again". Now, they can truely suck my dick.. because I totally have a job, am around people, am being paid to work on this so called 'fad' and its so bloody fantastic I can feel my blood just rushing around.

When I decided to do the NCMT Multimedia course, I thought I was making a decision. A decision to leave my draughting career and all the training I had during my apprenticeship and over the subsequent years, and start something new. Now, I find, yes I am doing new stuff, with new skills, computer based, but also at the same time it's all the old stuff. We are still looking at pipework and in industrial situations and dealing with plant people and procedures. My life has come full circle. It's so amazing. You just never know how things are going to turn out and no learning is ever a waste.