Oh I got an eMail

Oh I got an eMail from Sonia (NCMT Enrolment Officer) and she invited me to the movies. Oh for joy, someone to go to see Gone With the Wind with. I was sort of dreading going alone. I hope it all 'comes' off, I will enjoy that a great deal.

So Day Two of employment. I really do like working. I need to get there a bit earlier in the morning though. 9am is just too late, it feels like half the morning is gone. *gasp* I know, does that really sound like me?? I dont have the long commute so I spose that has something to do with it. I would really like to start at 8am but I think that's pushing my luck, but an 8:30am start isn't unreasonable.

Sean really did a good job, you know. I mean, okay, I still know nothing - relatively speaking - about Director. But I know 'of' a lot of stuff. And John (boss) is just a mine of information and I am learning stuff already. Today, for instance, he showed me how he uses film loops for nifty animations, some of them quite complicated. I made one film loop once in like.. June last year. Rachelle used to utilise film loops. They are really rather groovey. And he showed me how to play a video super smoothly. As a matter of fact, I already knew that because Sean had shown me how using the Star Trek lesson... but I had completely forgotten. That's what I am trying to say, I know stuff cos Sean taught me, even if I don't actually know I know stuff.