Today I was offered a

Today I was offered a job I interviewed for yesterday. I had already accepted yesterday of course, before he had even offered it to me. For once I didn't try and curb my enthusiasm and just let it all gush out. It paid off.

So now I am a Multimedia Assistant. I asked what I would be doing and he said "everything". I am banking on gaining tons of experience with this job. There are only the two of us. He has been in the business four years and has tons of work. He has just moved into new offices to accommodate his growing company (erm.. me). He uses Director 7, and wants to move into website design and eCommerce etc.. so yes, perfect first job for the Mish.

Now I am less excited and more terrified. That's natural, I keep telling myself. I am sure that after I settle in I am gonna be a help to this guy but arg.. what if I am useless? (wobble alert)

I won't be.

But what if I am??

I won't be.