Today I went into school.

Today I went into school. I did yesterday too, but I didn't do much yesterday except check that my portfolio worked on the Macintosh and created a mac projector for the callingstub. I could have done everything else then too, but with a day up my sleeve, why do stuff when I have the time when I can do stuff with little time. So I waited, until today *I can't help myself*.

So the relatively short process of creating a Mac/Iso partition proved to be time consuming and a bit wobbley and took a while for the brain cells to remember how. Then they did, and I did, make the partition. cool. Then I print the inserts and the cover for the cd. Fiddling around with them, as you do. Then wanting to stomp the CD with an adhesive 'round' to finish the project off, but unfortuately, that will have to wait until tomorrow, Ross was in a meeting and so I didn't manage to buy the adhesive thingies from him.

I went and sat with Rachelle while she burned my copy of her 3D software for me. She had already made me one copy, but had misplaced it so was making another. We chatted and waited, there was a lot of software to burn. Sean's class had finished so he came over to see how we were. I told him about my new monitor he said he wanted a 21" Trinitron. Nice to see under his calm exterior lurks a coverter just like Rachelle and me.

He went away then, to return as the cd was being verified.. to ask me if I had deliberatedly left a cd behind end of last year. I looked at the CD he was offering, it had my name on it, but I had never seen it before. I asked him what it was, he said it was full of hacked and cracked 3D software programmes. AhHa.. so Rachelle's cd had been found. Rather embarrassing considering he is the tutor. He gave us that 'look'.

They are old versions.. honest.. and they are for learning the software not for doing anything commercially. 3D Studio Max is like $8000 alone and up to Version 3. This is version 1.1. (she makes excuses upon excuses).

So, now we had a spare CD full of old 3D software proggies.. what is there to do? offer it to Sean of course. He needs the practice too.

So now it was time to go to lunch even though it was now 3pm. I just needed to hand my cd project in and it was over. Do you think I could find it? I looked and looked. So did Rachelle.. no where to be found. I had to print and cut and quickly make another cd cover to hand in. God, that is SO me isnt it? Leave it til the last minute and just to add extra stress.. lose the bloody thing on top of it. Grrrr.

I saw Andre today. I said "boo" as I saw him taking his coffee into his office. He stopped and came back out to say hi. It was then my conversational skills hit the skids and instead of coming up with something witty and/or charming, I stammered through something about hoping his new year had been good then that was that.

Rachelle and I had a late lunch/early dinner at a cafe around the corner and I saw him walk past on his way home after 5pm.

He really is so damn good looking.

But, now, I think, that's the end of my Andre life and my school life. The new intake starts on Monday, I will pop back into school tomorrow to return the textbook and stomp the cd and make a couple more copies of the cd for sending out to employers.

First Screen Shot
Second Screen Shot
Third Screen Shot
Forth Screen Shot

So, these are screen shots of my Portfolio project I handed in today. It's an Interactive CDROM holding examples of my work.

I wanted the portfolio to feel like me. I tried at the beginning to create a futuristic/mechanical interface but it felt so false. I am the messy desk. Dozens of things on the go. That's my diary.. without it my life falls apart. This interface felt honest, and is the one I chose to represent myself to potential employers.

I gathered objects I wanted to use, then scanned them on an A4 flat bed scanner. Taking the background away from each item in photoshop, I added a soft backshadow, and placed them on a flat matte background hoping to make them look as if they are one photograph, not many individual items. I think it worked. I wanted the items to be seperate so I could attach LINGO commands and behaviours to them for interactivity. As you brush your cursor over different objects they become brighter, the top left hand screenshot the red dongle is brighter and has the words "3 D Studio Max" and the lower right hand picture shows the yellow film canister is brighter and now reads "Photoshop". Clicking on the different objects displays the work created with that software. The Lower Left hand screen shot shows the "Art Work" screen, for instance, when the paint tubes are clicked on. then by using the 'next' button you can see a series of my paintings. This is similar to the "Photoshop" and "FreeHand" screens. The side tabs of the diary are similar, showing my Resume, my Contact details and a few blurby notes that didnt belong anywhere else.

The space under the mouse which initially begins with a possom in a watermain picture, becomes the screen on which the QuickTime movies are shown. The top right screenshot shows the beginnings of the 3 D Max 'M' movie. The user can control play, stop and rewind with the buttons attached to each movie.

The CD is cross platform so it can work in both a Macintosh computer and a PC. The cover for the disc and jewel case is simple white with the two coffee ring stains on it. I was saying today if nothing else, my Portfolio would make a good coffee coaster for any desk.