(06:28:10) take three| says to

(06:28:10) take three| says to [mish]: err.. In london at the moment. Just sitting in an internet cafe, plugging away... we're about to meet up with Karen and Kev for a beer. Can you believe that? Come all the way to the other side of the world to have a beer woth two people who live 300ks away.. hehehe

(06:30:03) take three| says to [mish]: Man. We've been having a ball.... But all I got to say is you HAVE to check out New York. That place is just amazing. It never stops, it's huge, there's people everywhere, and it just..err.. buzzes... goes and goes and goes.. and you see famous people around and about. It's just kinda cool. And everything is like so close. Just awesome.... it'd just cost a fortune to live there, thats all.

(06:32:27) take three| says to [mish]: hehehe, cram them in.... londons kinda neat. damn expensive here, though too. The old australian dollar doesn't stretch far. Nice place. All the buildings are amazing. All this old gothic architecture. that's quite amazing. Still got one more day here, and then we're off to Paris

(06:34:46) take three| says to [mish]: New years was coo. Orleans is a pretty damn cool place. We all went hard there. THe yanks seem to love aussies, so we ended up not buying many drinks, cause they were all so over eager. That was bad though. We were drinking these things called Hurricanes. Man. They don't call them that for nothing. Still, it was a great night. I still don't think it really hit me th\at we were her in the US until New York, though. Those other places could have all been palces in australia - melbourne, sydney - what ever. But new york was just a jaw dropper.

(06:36:33) take three| says to [mish]: err.. from pasir, it's amsterdam, then athens, then rome, then home. I tell you what, it's all fun and everything, but I certainly am miswsing home.

(06:36:45) take three| says to [mish]: vstill can't type.. hehehe

(06:39:41) take three| says to [mish]: hehehe... allright - well, I've gots to run. We're meeting kaz and kev at 12:00 and we've got some serious walking to do to get there... *smooch.. 'twas good seeing you... Didn't work when I first got in, I was like 'shit... she's here, and I can't even talk', but just turned of the proxy server.. *grin.. oops... I'll stick my neck in again if I get the chance, otherwise I'll spiff off a mail next time.

So amazing, yesterday missing Mike, today he appears in the Articulate. It was soooo good seeing him. Now I can get thru the next few weeks and then he will be home.

Everyone loves playing with 'procrastination' from yesterday. This DHTML is flipping cool. That was a major disappointment with the NCMT course, in that our 'web' tutor really didn't know his stuff. (mind you, he told us we didnt need to learn HTML cos the software does it all for us, yet the Industry feedback suggested HTML was a sort after skill) He should have introduced us to DHTML, it does so many of the things Flash can do but without having to have a specific plug in. It rocks.

I got mail from Justin Longhair yesterday too. Adrian sent mail a few days ago. Look Ma, we are staying in touch.

I worked on the Bumper web site again today. I did such a lot of work on that before the holidays, now I don't like what I had done and have started again. But it's looking cleaner. It's nothing super spectacular.. just a centred table on a textured background. Contents list on the left. It's a redesign, and although I don't have to completely retype everything, there is a considerable amount of work involved... mostly trolling thru the HTML to 'get-at' the hyperlinked stories.

What else do I have to do? Script the Portfolio of course *ducks* I KNOW I KNOW but I am getting there. Don't have a cow, man. Mags' website needs doing badly too. All I want to do is stay home and make pages all day.

Damn it, I need a job.