I don't have a lot

I don't have a lot to say today. I seem to be feeling tired a lot lately, not quite sure what that's all about. I scanned the paper for jobs today, my heart isn't really 'in it' probably due to the fatigue I am feeling right now, but jobseeking really is a priority. As is the Portfolio scripting. And the 'Lies' website. Which probably explains why I have been trolling thru DHTML all evening.


Today I was thinking about Mike. Everytime I have raisin bread toast, I think of him, mostly cos he doesn't like the stuff. For me the smell of spicey bread toasting brings feelings of comfort and warmth, but to him they bring a screwed up face and a grumble. That's the same face he has when I mention anchovies. He doesn't like those either. Handy to know he will never stray onto my side of the pizza.

I bet he's having a wonderful time too. Probably off his face in Amsterdam or some other full on activity on his world jaunt. I miss him. But that's nothing new.

Sleep is such a useless thing when staying awake is what you want to do.