I seem to have lost

I seem to have lost my desire to chat. I know I know. It's all very worrying. After four years of dedicated chatting. Unless Sander or Freya or Mike is in the Articulate I just don't bother going in there. Well okay i still go in there but I am not chatting.. i forget i am there and wander off.. sometimes lately I have been driving off and forgetting i was half way thru entering the Art.

Yes it is the desire I lost and not my marbles *smack*

So today I got a lot of work done, but I also spent a lot of time not getting work done. I had this script for viewing large images.. scrolling.. in Director. When I used the script in a test movie, it worked great. But in my portfolio? zip.. nada.. nothing. So now, I need to find a 'work around'. Yes. I don't have the time or the patience to figure out what's wrong.. so I will find a quick and probably dirty solution. Yes I know, 'inelegant' but hey.. just don't look at the code and you won't feel squeemish.

I imported all my quicktime movies.. all six of them.. attached play/stop/rewind buttons to them and they all work *whoo hooo*. Tomorrow (later today) i will fix that image scrolling thing or turn the pics into a slide show or SOMETHING.. compile an interactive CV, figure a way to slot my space invaders game gracefully into the interface, write more code (this is turning into a 'to do' list), try and dredge some Flash stuff out off my Hard Drive CD's.. gawd I hope I have some, I sure in heck don't want to be creating Flash animations at this late stage of the game. Then there's the FreeHand stuff and the Photoshop stuff and the Premiere stuff for the Introduction sequence. See? I have quite a few things on my plate at the moment.. and I wont mention the websites. NO DONT MENTION THE WEBSITES!! (or the redecorating)

no wonder I have no time to find a job