*waves from school* I still

*waves from school*

I still have my headache.. that's five days now. I am beginning to think "If pain persists, see your doctor" might be in order. going to that 'next level' you know. TK thought that might be a good idea, and seeing as he isn't even PreMed, I think I might follow his advice.. actually.. I might even pop into A&E on the way home, what do you think? At least they will give me strong enough drugs I spose.

Today was quite a productive day I suppose. I was at school bright and early, but found myself mucking around.. checking mail and fart arsing about. I could feel the day slipping from my fingertips. So I went home. Sat and scanned all the objects for my cd rom and then came back to school to clean them up and import them into Photoshop. Which I did. And they look like I wanted them to look AND they way they look in the StoryBoard. I am pretty pleased about that. I do, however, need to look at the 'notebook' because I don't like the way it's tabs are settling.

Freya has booked her tickets and is coming to spend New Years here in New Zealand. It's gonna be nice to see her again and lovely to have her company over the break. Thank good ness she's too polite to complain of boredom.

Okay.. I am gonna go home. Got some things to put into Aftershock and an interface to slice up in Firework2. Then I need to make sure my .. oh you don't wanna hear all this.