damn i was going to

damn i was going to say something then

I am supposed to be 'flat out' and i will be but right now.. my jamjar 3d thing is rendering and so i shall bash your ears for a while (btw.. i have decided unless it's starting a sentence, the word 'i' will appear in lowercase -- its not a typo).

I rendered the 'm' movie yesterday and it looks coool.

I have been getting some groovy emails lately. Phet's been writing and he actually writes more words per mail than me *gasps* yes.. its great. I also met this other groovy diaryland type when he wondered why a new zealander kept visiting his page (me) heh.. so he like wrote and stuff.. THEN i met a graphics guy turned law student in chatrop last night and reckons he's gonna email me so lets hope that comes off cos i lurve getting mail.. real mail, as Phet would say.. not jokes and spam n' stuff but words and interesting stories etc. These guys make up for the lack of mail from all you other jokers. *doesnt mention names*

I am not complaining.. i am just enjoying the mail.

My thoughts are scattered. I am procrastinating like crazy.. and I can't afford to be mishingout like this right now.

It's after 3pm Saturday and I should have been at school two hours ago but someone is holding up my plans *grrr* I hope he shows up soon.

I want to get (yes shop talk) my Drake CD partitioned and burned and out of my hair. So I can film my lingering long lost Premiere assignment so I can have some video content for the Portfolio CD. Arg.. its the curse of my visionary-like nature.. all these loose ends that may have been tied up weeks ago if I wasnt the person I am. But then, I am, as we have discussed.. a starter not a finisher.

I was talking to Adam on the phone this morning, telling him how I plan to get 'slaughtered' on December 17th.. so be online late cos Mish'll be drunk and we alll know how funny that can be. I wonder who I might try and phone this time.. last time, even though I actually got Mike's number i was too un-co to dial.

I can't remember the last time I had more than a glass of wine. God I miss Vodka.

I also need help. I want to have background music on the Portfolio CD but I don't know what. Sound is a problem for me. Its Multimedia Michelle.. that includes sound as well as sight.. but what what? those little button clicks annoy me for the most part *shock horror* the Mac always sounds like its full of insects. Some Flash sites use sound quite well, but many are just grating.

I can't wait til after school finishes. Not because I am gonna work (i didn't get the TVNZ job btw - didnt even get to the interview stage. Unheard of.. imagine.. me not getting a job i applied for.. i must be slipping) its because I am gonna do three websites.. sock Lingo for a six.. and try'n learn HTML properly and give XML a blast. Well.. that's the plan.

Then try'n turn me down for a job.. i will become irresistable.