...it's just, and then you

...it's just, and then you *arg* without even wondering.. sandwiches and coffee.. then the clouds whooshed and he fell but the flowers ached abit more than usual...

Just a little break.. while my mind ticks over... I want this software at home.. but at eight grand a pop i doubt that will everhappen.. plus.. i would just play with 3D Studio Max never actually use it for something spectacular.. basically because I lack the drive and commitment to actually learn the flipping thing.

So it's half past five in the afternoon and its too-warm here in the LAB. I know they don't have office windows openable cos of the airconditioning and the corporate types who like to jump out of high windows.. but hell.. we are on the first floor and the air conditioning is fucked. It's nice to get outside and actually breathe at the end of a day.

I have been really busy lately.. no.. really. And the really awful part of that is I should actually be busier. Like.. coping on three hours sleep and no time for food kinda busy. But again, that lack of commitment thing you see. No passion. Mind you.. head colds'll do that to a person.

I have coffee breath. I hate that, don't you? I mean *reaching for my tic-tacs* all it takes is a mint a couple of times a day. But some people just never seem to realise their own personal body odour issues. Not that there has been anyone *or heaven forbid _me_* that has brought this to my attention, it's just there all the same.

I don't really like Peppermint and I dislike Spearmint *she rambles on* they are my least favourite flavours. Lime is nice. Especially a Lime milkshake - but not too limey .. just very pale lime. Vanilla is nice for milkshakes too. Chocolate is always nice if made correctly but it usually isn't.

Everyone at school seems quite flat at the moment. All thinking a lot about what we have to do when we aren't actually doing the things we are sposed to be doing (such as morning tea time) just sitting there with stunned looks on our features sipping coffee getting quietly wired.

I don't really like coffee either. Well I do. But I don't. When I am drinking my third coffee of the day I often remind myself that I am not really enjoying it at all. I don't stop of course. Yeh, that commitment thing again. Habits aren't commitment they are just habits. I would love to have a commited relationship with my body but arg.. i dont.

I wanna put pictures in my diary.. but it annoys me when pics take too long to download.. and mine always take too long to load cos I never optimise them 'for the web' as they say in the trade.

I mean, I know how.. and I have the book, and the notes, and the software but.. arg.. dammit. I don't.

I am noticing a trend here.

are you?