I have a twinge of regret i didn't discover sewing quilts earlier. My grandmother was a seamstress, and she was so happy that i had discovered quilting, because i was the first of her children (7 of them) or her grandchildren (9 of them) *great grandchildren not counting at this stage* to have shown an interest. She and I really only touched on some of the ideas and techniques before she died. I am a bit sad about that. But then, we had what we had and i am very happy for it. People were very surprised that i didn't want her thimble after she passed away. My brother did, and I knew that. He said he remembered sitting there while she sewed, and he remembered the thimble. So it meant so much more to him than me. I remembered her iridescent blue broach. She told me it was a butterfly wing. Its so beautiful. I have it now. That and four metal buttons and her button tin that belonged to her mother before her. I remembered sorting and playing endlessly with her buttons.

I was always kind of wary of my Grandmother. I loved her. I know that. But i was never, close to her in a physical way. She was not a cuddling grandmother. she had far too much to do. But i respected her and loved her. My Grandfather was the star in my sky, besides my lovely father of course. He was and is such a great wonderful man. Always always has time for me. Never ever went anywhere that i wasn't able to go with him. I think i have spent more time with my grandfather than with my mother. I love him dearly.