*shaking my head*

you would think, wouldn't you, that by my age, i would know how to behave in public. I sat there on friday night.. astounded by the behaviour of some forty something male whose friend was keeping me company at the bar, as he fell to the floor, i was judging his behaviours shocked that at his age he was acting this way.. and then, barely 3 hours later, apart from the falling over bit, and the urinating (or trying to) in the pot plant things.. i was doing the same thing *crawling under the rug* i am an old soak too.yeh like THAT'S news mishisheeshokay, so i like to partyi do okaysometimes, i do it with othersand sometimes i do it alonedo i have a problemnot usually, can open a bottle in my sleep actually.and apparently, log on and search for phone numbers and not even realise it.