Today was Tuesday

It came after Monday, before Wednesday and now it’s nearly done. Tuesday. This week you were an annoying little shit for nearly everyone I encountered. Normally resilient, steady folk seemed unusually rattled; silly mistakes where made; patience was tested; relationships stretched. Across the work-day Tuesday seemed to be a bit over cooked and I’m pretty glad we’re almost through it.

Okay so it wasn’t the worst day I’ve ever had at work, not even half as bad, but annoying because I didn’t do something very well and ended up with a bit of a mess to sort out.

Tuesday is usually my favourite day. Work is underway and still have the week stretching out with all the possibilities of getting through the mountain of work that keeps piling onto my plate. I pretty much like everything on my plate there’s just It’s not Monday which can sometimes be a bit like trying to start an old car on a cold morning. It’s not Wednesday which is so deep in the week neither weekend is in view - a bit like being in the doldrums with only faint hope that the we’ll even make it.

I’ve been alive for 2,695 Tuesdays so I guess having one not-so-good once-in-a-while is okay. How’d yours go?