Sunday Bunnies

This is how I find these five bunnies most morning, snuggled up in the sun streaming into their hutch, quietly snoozing and grooming each other. Great way to start the day in your bunny family.Abby (right) has been very aggressive to all the bunnies until she took the two dwarf bunnies under her ear. Here she is sharing breakfast with wee Rosie. It’s so nice to see this four bunny family (Ritchie and Pepper being the rest of the family) take shape.Pepper snoozing on top of Rosie in the doorway of their hutch. These photos don’t show how small, compared to the other bunnies, these two are. But they’re dwarf rabbits and super cute. They were found living on a local soccer field and now they live with me.Pepper is an adventurous bunny. She likes to, and can easily, get out of any of the pens - hopping up over fences and compost bins, squeezing through fences and visiting the neighbours. She always comes home though so I hardly stress about it anymore.About the only thing that got the bunnies out from their snoozing this morning was a bunch of fresh silverbeet. Love how Snowflake (first daughter) has to keep her eyes closed because the sun was so bright this morning. Charlie in the middle and gets first pickings of most meals because he’s the dad, and black-and-white Mops is his other daughter.

Summer is the friendliest of the bunnies. She’s a Flemish Giant and likes to live inside. I like to keep her inside too but she destroyed all the cables behind the television so until I bunnyproof the living room, she’s outside in her own, expansive compound. She, like all the other bunnies, loves silverbeet for breakfast.

Dinner time

Charlies’ girls - pellet time is happy time



Richie’s girls - my grey-scale family