Sunday Update

I'm tired today. Staying up too late to watch a movie I could have recorded has impacted my entire Sunday.

Weekends have become hives of activity for me. Getting up relatively (for a weekend) early and packing as much into my Saturday and Sundays has been something I look forward to every week. Which is why this flat, lathargic Sunday has really annoyed me. I guess it was the shifted bedtime and late wakeup that caused it rather than some virus or whatnot. I couldn't even muster the energy to go outside and watch the bunnies. Maybe I ought to take my temperature, afterall.

Charlie checking out the vegetable tree

Mops was desexed on Friday. She's the third of four bunnies that I'm inflicting this upon. It's not a cheap nor easy procedure, but it's the responsible thing to do. The other two bunnies, Bella and Lady, have already been through the process and it's actually modified their behaviour. They aren't digging any more, nor are they so terratorial. 

Once Snowflake, the last of the girls to be desexed, is speyed I'm hoping to get the three females to live together. That'll cut the hutch count by one, which will be great. 

Tandia and Snowflake

The girls popped 'round for a fish and chip dinner. They're all pink and rambunctious; exactly the opposite of me today. 

Dylan doing a perimeter check