Uncommonly cold

So update from the Sunday Update - I've been sick with a cold all week. I went to work this morning but after a few hours a number of people told me to go home. Apparently I looked like shit and sounded worse. I felt bad too after thinking that I was okay, turns out I wasn't quite okay enough.

It's really amazing how a cold can kick a person's arse so hard. It's called the common cold, but it's uncommonly debilitating. Yeh, there are pills you can take that can dull down the symptoms so you can 'soldier on' but really, if the cold virus has a strong grip on your system, it's going to make you stay the course and experience all the stages of its life cycle.

I am currently at the coughing lungs out stage, so I'm back to another couple of days of bed, fluids, and sleeps.