No hard labour here

Today, Labour Day, is always on a Monday. We kiwis love our three-day weekends.

This past long weekend in New Zealand celebrates workers right to an 8 hour day. Since 1890 we've had a day off, once a year, to remember that before then a day could be as many hours as an employer deemed.

While Labour Weekend's weather is usually dodgey, and the forecast was for rainy weather, we were all happy to have had warm sunny days here in Auckland and ended up with a glorious weekend. I'd like to say I used my time over the weekend well - fruitfully - creatively. But I decided to spend my weekend in a shitty mood and sulked my way through most of it.

I got a few things done. I tried out the silicon Dalek cake mould I bought from It was ordered too late to be of use for Tandia's 7th birthday earlier this month, but it turns out you don't need an official celebration to bake a Dalek cake!

And I crocheted a few more granny squares for my mythical future blanket. I need to crochet 120 squares to make a 10x12 square blanket. So far we're at square 37. Given my track-record I wouldn't be holding my breath or expecting to be warmed up from this blankie any time soon. I am enjoying crocheting in front of tv though, and can get a square done in about 40 minutes.

Crochet granny squares

I also spent a lot of time fantasising about buying a parcel of land out in the country and having a bungalow moved on to it then rennovating it. Such a shame my physical life isn't as active as my imagination because it would be an awesome project for someone with the skillz.

Cute bungalow for sale - transport costs included

This week NaNoWriMo starts too and I'll be pounding my 50,000 word novel out of my fingertips. I've never been able to type more than 5,000 words in one of these November noveling challenges, so let's see if I can beat that word count at the very least.

Now the long weekend is over and work is waiting for me in the morning.