Sunday Update

Rose buds exploded into this glorious pink scented display over the weekend

Wow, what a week. I've hardly been home. Between work, and meetups, and social engagements - I have been quite the butterfly around time.

Engagement Party

This is also and exciting and wonderful time in our family. Simon and Melissa are engaged and we celebrated that officially on Saturday night. They're such a wonderful couple and so suited to each other. I worry sometimes that I will burst with excitement about the whole thing well before the Summer 2015 wedding but I'm sure I have the capacity to not peak too early :)

Our family really couldn't be happier that Simon has brought Melissa into the fold. Her parents and brother are really nice, interesting people too and we're enjoying getting to know them along with her friends, and the friends they've made together as a couple.

Newly engaged couple Melissa and Simon in Europe

Rabbit update

There has been drama on the rabbit-front. Two of the seven rabbits are males, and while they are both neutered, they feel very terratorial to the point that if they're together, they fight. Last week the perfect storm happened twice with Richie's Giant Flemish genes out matching Charlie's Humble Lop genes and now Charlie is sporting a torn lip and various bite marks on his ears. I think Richie has a sore eye because his medic Abbey seems to have been grooming him a lot there, but he faired a lot better than Charlie.

I took Charlie to the vet on Saturday morning initially for the snuffles he can't seem to shake, but the torn lip seemed a lot worse in the light of day. As the vet was examining Charlie he noticed the lower teeth were missing. Rabbits don't normally just lose teeth, and I know Charlie had them the other day, so they must've been a result of the fight too! Poor little man. The antibiotics he was given for his snuffles, along with the anti-infamitory will help the lip, and rabbits teeth grow 2-3mm per day so he should have some more bottom teeths soon - he might need the top ones trimmed to stop over growth in the meantime.

So we had a discussion about being really vigilant about not letting the boys out in anyway, shape or form to save both rabbits the distress of having to fight. When I got home from the engagement party on Saturday night I went out to give Charlie his antibiotics and noticed his nose was bleeding. At first I thought he might have been sneezing blood but it then became apparent that Richie had got out of his run and into Charlie's and they'd gone another round with Charlie sustaining an injury to his nostril.

So now Charlie is being locked in his cage at night in case Richie bounds out over the run again. Both rabbits are quite skiterish at the moment, not least of which is Charlie because he hates the taste of his medicine.

Bob the Builder

I've enrolled in a woodworking and furniture rennovation evening course at a local high school. We start our 6 week course this Tuesday. Of course my initial reason for doing the course is because I want to make stackable boxes for the rabbits to play in, and also a much bigger run for them with a roof - to keep cats out and Richie in.

But I'd also like to think I'll enjoy it enough to maybe attempt fixing up an old chair or a bit of handy work around the house. I reckon if I spend the next twenty years getting my skills on, I'll have heaps to do when I retire!

Morning routine

Do you get up early? a whiles back I talked about how great it was to get up early. How it was setting me up for the day and how productive my hours were.

My morning routine didn't last long enough to become a habit but I am so sure it's the key I want for getting the most of everyday that I'm going to give it another go.

I just thought you should know that.


For like the millionth year in a row, I have signed up for National Novel Writing Month. If you think that writing a 50,000 novel in 30 days is just crazy enough to be awesome, then you need to sign up too.

Snowflake wondering why I'm invading her privacy to take photos