Mid-Winter gimme a break

I had all day yesterday with an airy-fairy notion I'd do a Sunday Update, but got all sidetracked with videos from 99% (see post below) and being grumpy.

It's amazing how much time being grumpy takes.

Today I'm not that much better - with it being cold and hurting my teeth from the breathing icy air - but at least I had work which gave me something to think about rather than dwelling on "the universe" and its need to continuously throw the same problem in my face.

There are some hippies out there who believe that "the universe" does that to teach us lessons. I reckon it does that just to pick fights. It's like *poke* Michelle you think you made a good decision *poke* weighed all the options did we? *poke* decided this time things would be different *poke* well guess what *poke* same shit *poke* different bucket *poke*.

You know what shit is good for though? growing things. Growing ideas. Growing skills. Growing towards the sun.

So *ner* "the universe".

--Look now I've got to a point even I don't know what I'm talking about anymore--

So it's cold in Auckland.

I've been complaining about that since I got here. Today though, I looked up, and out, and saw just how gorgeous a clear, blue, Winter's day in Auckland can be. 

Walking through The University of Auckland campus I realise just how gorgeous it is. Off the streets and pavement, and through the meandering pathways. Green grass areas, grey cobblestone ways, fading gold leaves blown against trunks of bare trees. Park seats and benches quietly meditating with lunchtime staff and academics who are making the most of the peace of students still on holidays. The magnolia tree outside Old Government House (now the Staff Commons) is all bare branches and pink explosions. 

So yes, it's still cold but just for a moment I'm not complaining because it's beautiful out there.