Familiar conversations

Amy: It's a trilogy - I bought book two and three today. I've finished the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, it's in the bedroom so you can read it. 

Greg: Oh thanks, but you can read it first Michelle.

Michelle: Pft I don't want read it. I don't read fiction*. You don't get smart from reading fiction** 

Amy: Oh you totally do. Fifty Shades of Grey has lots of big words. I totally had to Google a bunch of them today.


Amy asked if I would babysit Chloe (3) and Dylan (0.25) while she takes Tandia (5) to see Ice Age (4). I said I would but asked how Chloe would go considering her relationship with me was, at times, fragile. It's okay, said Amy, I won't tell Chloe where we're going. So Tandia, don't tell her where we're going, okay?

Tandia: Why can't I tell myself where I'm going?

* not true

** also not true, just being a smart arse