Best of both worlds?

A couple of months ago I said:

"I have decided not to get a job: not to get a 'proper' job. In saying that, to you, and to myself, I hesitate; stumble; run away; come back; twist my toe in the dirt; blush; worry; doubt; cringe; set off fireworks in my heart; reach for my CV. No, I'm not sure but yes, I am sure." (whole blog post)

See that bit where I say I was cringing and stuff? I would turn every day. One day I'd be "This is going to be fantastic, I can do this!" and the next day I would be like "What am I thinking? I'm crazy! This will never work!" to find the very next day I was all "Yes, this is what I'm meant to be doing! life is wonderful!" then plunging into "You'll never succeed you'll die a homeless!"

So I was okay on the up days, but the down days I had to concentrate on not running screaming to Then one day, Linkedin sent me a job suggestion and by goodness, it was a goodun.

I applied. I interviewed. I was physchometric'd. I was referenced. I was offered and I accepted. I have been working since Monday so, sorry about that folks, I am now working for a living instead of being a Bohemian artist .. in the suburbs. 

There is now more structure in my day, bus tickets in my pocket, co-workers in my office and a 'normal' work week. This means I have time in the weekend to do art stuff and money in my pocket to do cafe stuff. A much better (read: easier) situation. 

And I'm glad I did it! 

Now I have a 'real job' I need to get a haircut..