Feijoa Jelly

Making jams, jellies, chutneys, and preserving in general, is so satisfying.

To make feijoa jelly really couldn't be any more straightforward. Get a great pile of washed feijoas and cover with water in a large pot. After boiling for a couple of hours the fruit will be extremely soft. Strain the contents of the pot twice - first through a kitchen seive, then again through muslin. Don't squeeze or press the fruit while seiving/straining.

With this strained liquid back in a clean pot, add one cup of sugar for every cup of liquid. Add the juice of one lemon. Stirring, bring the liquid to a simmer. Continue to stir occassionally - skim any scum off the surface of the liquid throughout the cooking time. Test as you would jam, and take from the heat once it is ready.

Pour into sterilised jars and cool. Label and take photos - blog and tweet about your gorgeous feijoa jelly!