New planner

I bought a new Kikki K planner when I was in Melbourne last month. Today I spent a lovely afternoon creating the beginnings of new dividers for my planner. 

I trimmed and glued, crop-o-diled (corner rounder) and washi'd, punched holes and thought about how I'll set my new planner up. Time flew and I had a wonderful, creative Saturday. 



I choose Summery colours as the weather raged Wintery blasts outside. It's so much fun cutting and decorating for the sole purpose of making something lovely for myself. My next step in this process, now I have the dividers done is to figure out what my "day on a page" template might look like.  

The objective is to keep my projects and promises (delcarations) top-of-mind so I chip away at them every day - I'm such a planner girl :)