Radiohead - Vector Arena, Auckland

Oh dear God - what an amazing concert at Vector Arena (Auckland) tonight. Amazing in it's layers of colours and instruments and voices and wave after wave of sound. 

At times those waves were curlicuing around the arena on gorgeous melodies; other times they were gigantic walls of sound, tectonic drum rhythms and piercing electronic cliffs - like looking up the sheer face of a wave that's building overhead about to crash over all of us with factures of light and strobing video panels. At one point I felt like my body was soaking in all the sound and all the light - all of it. Like being imprinted right through skin and layering itself into DNA.

Radiohead are not your parent's rock band - they are still oh so very of tomorrow, relevant, rigourous, with an incredibly solid catalogue of work. 

Holy crap balls; that was a great, great evening of music.