Between a rock concert and a nom place

When I was in Aussie and Radiohead announced they were going to tour - our whole office tried to buy tickets and failed to buy a single one. Then Radiohead NZ tickets went on sale and I tried to buy some from Melbourne but alas, they sold out in 19 minutes of going on sale.

Last weekend I spent a painful amount of time on Trademe telling myself that spending $750 on two tickets was crazy  and I didn't but..  I nearly did.

Today when the NZ Herald said that 200 extra tickets would be released at 5pm I logged on fully expecting not to get any - thinking that was find because I already had an obligation on Tuesday night anyway. Then I was successful. Horrible, high, far away tickets but I got them.

Radiohead, the only band I'd queue for. The only band worth a damn seeing.But there's always a cost, isn't there? I had tickets to a dinner and talk by food blogger Diane Jacob tomorrow night. Was going to go with Melissa and have a lovely old time blogging the food blogger. I was really looking forward to it - had charged by battery and washed my hair and everything.

Radiohead trumps food bloggers.

On one hand, I shouldn't have even tried to buy those tickets. I mean, I knew I had a previous engagement. "Oh I'm sorry, I'm not going to keep my promise and come out to see you because something better come along." and yes, it's as rude as that. Or worse really "Oh no, I'm not going with you to see the thing because I found something else I'd rather be doing at the last minute."

It's *that* rude.

And yet, I'm still doing it. Still going. Still picking up my tickets at the venue, stuffing my nose full of tissues as it starts to bleed from the altitude of my seats, and going to Radiohead at the Vector Arena in Auckland tomorrow night because they are just.that.good.

Sorry Melissa. Apologies Diane Jacob Event organisers. Hello Thom, Ed, Phil, Colin and Jonny.