30DMC - Favorite love story in a movie

or just the lovey-dovey bits from other features...

  • George Wade is in love with Sandra Bullock ages before either of them realise in Two Weeks Notice. He comes to her at her new job after finally letting her leave his employ, only to have her reject him after he pours his affection all over her office floor. She waits a few minutes as the realisation sinks in that she, too, is in love with him before running out into the street after him pulling her thin cardigan about her and against the New York cold. She throws herself into his arms and then talks and talks and talks until he fastens her lips together with his fingers before kissing her.
  • Andrew Largeman cups Sam's face in his hand - they are both dressed in black bin-liners up-top the bulldozer in the pouring rain after screaming into the infinite abyss - he kisses her to the sounds of Paul Simon singing about the Only Living Boy in New York.
  • Wesley is a bit annoyed that Buttercup took up with the first Humperdink that asked her out after he had gone off to seek a fortune on her behalf. When Wesley is confronted with her excuse that she did it because he had been reported captured and therefore killed because the Dread Pirate Roberts never takes prisoners, he assures Buttercup that death cannot stop true love - to which she vows she will never doubt again.
  • After all they've been through mostly mistaking passion for each other as disdain and dislike, Leia realises her attraction as it flares up all over Han Solo in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon whilst parked inside the asteroid creature's stomach. Talk about love in the work place. They declare their love as Solo is lowered into the carboniting chamber - Leia cries out to Han "I love you" to which he replies "I know" - she buries her face into Chewbachas furs to soak up her tears of loss.
  • As the dust settles, Annie lifts her kiss to Jack's mouth only to have him hesitate and say he's worried that relationships built on intense situations hardly ever last, to which Annie suggests they base their relationship on sex instead. Jack thinks this is a good solution and they kiss to the sounds of camera-shutters from a van full of tourists peering through the busted windows of the subway carriage.

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