Double X Chromosomes

I wonder how my life is strange - how people I hardly ever see have formed a bond with me and I with them. My neices, for instance: I've hardly ever seen them or know them at all - yet they will seek me out and I will come to where they are and it's as if we've had this relationship for years.

And I suppose we have - but it's not one of regular meetings - it's one of seldoms but meaningfuls, or something.

I have 8 nieces - I'm lucky that way.

Tonight I had dinner with one of them - Gena - she's moving to Melbourne and we caught up and shared food and talked as if we knew each other all the time when in fact we've only met 3 or 4 times and even then, that was years ago.

But they are all smart and beautiful, my nieces. So many girls in my family and all wonderful to a woman.

Today is one of those days I count myself extremely lucky to belong to the family I do.

My children and their cousins are among the very best people I have ever met in my life - and you know I have met some very wonderful people so compare away and know how fortunate I am.

The drama that you get wound up in today are the storys of tomorrow's contented ending. It's a long row, so keep rowing.


I bask like a nurse shark in my gene pool.


30DMC - a movie that makes you feel sad

I'm a grizzler - I cry at movies - sometimes ones you wouldn't even expect a person ought to cry at. So to me, most movies make me sad.

I always cry watching Two Weeks Notice. I balled in the first part of UP. I can't watch movies such as Schindler's LIst, Sophie's Choice or Boy in Striped Pajamas - I just don't have the capacity to cope at all.

My mother always said (and she was completely right) I was and continue to be: too soft.

That's why I stick to zombie movies, horror and science fiction classics - I hardly ever cry at those.

If I had to answer this question - I would say the movie that makes me sad would have to be .. not a movie.. but a trailer to a movie that I won't be able to watch is The Lottery - this makes me weep.