Rite of Passage

When I was about 14 years old, my lovely Godmother and Aunt, Pat, went through a wonderful phase. She went through a period of several months, perfecting her fudge recipe.

Personally, I think she nailed it at about week 10 - but she pressed on into the realm of nuts and dehydrated fruit which is about where she lost me in the wake of her obsession - up until walnuts and raisins turned her from the 'true path' I was extremely happy to consider myself her Number One Taster.

As a grown woman with her own kitchen, I stuck closely to the recipes in the confection chapter of the Edmonds Cookbook. Apart from Russian fudge* and Turkish delight** - I successfully made everything else in that section: including marshmellow. I was particularly accomplished at chocolate fudge - a skill I seem to have lost in the intervening years - which I plan to rectify by embarking on a short project to re-skill myself in the ways of boiled sugar.

So far I am zero for two, but I will keep trying until I get my fudge legs back.

* It took too long to make.
** I didn't know, at the time, what 'rose water' was.