Warning: Here be Dragons!

Today I switched the email notifier thingie off on my work computer.

Mostly people do that so they're not distracted every time a new email appears. Not me! I did it so that when I check my email, I'll be surprised that there are three or four emails waiting for me!

I don't get many emails, you see. This way, without the notification, I'll check my inbox every couple of hours and be pleasantly surprised - and probably a little bit panic'y because something urgent had to be uploaded and it's now like two hours since they sent the email and I've still not done it - that shot of adrenaline ought to help pass the hours a little more quickly.

Busy work

I keep making lists: in my notebook, in my head. Lists of ideas. Lists of topics. Lists of things that drive me crazy - I made one of those in my head today while on the tram and really it was just a list of "back packs on trams" listed 10 times to make sure my message had the right strength.

When making my lists, I sometimes plug the list name into Google. The "vlogging topics' list name lead me to lots of posts about using video on blogs - hardly any with actual topics, but plenty saying I ought to know my audience, vlog to my audience, stick to a topic, be an expert in one area.

I didn't like any of those search results.

Then I checked my email and I had one from - they were highlighting a couple of kiwi bloggers: FaerySarah and MiramarMike.

Mike's a pretty well known kiwi blogger - if you don't know him from blogging you'll know him from that time he took his kit off as an example of how the new web is different from the old web. FaerySarah is new to me so I clicked on through to her pretty site - she makes me want to make things - to do her 'create something every week' - but then I remember I can't even make my bed once a week!

The Devil's Playground

There is disorder in my thoughts - mostly because there isn't anything challenging and/or interesting for them to wrap themselves around. The results are pointless carryings on like this one.

I wrote down "you are what you mostly do" on a post-it today and stuck it to my monitor: of course it fell off (typical) - because I am what I mostly do - which is boring, mundane and generally pointless.

So now, at nearly midnight on a Monday night, I decide I need some adventures. Small, daily adventures so I have something to think about and look forward to during the day - and also so that I have something to write about here.

Do you have any ideas? any suggestions? any challenges? I am sure I can come up with a list but anything you think is worth doing I will add.