Lonely Planet

I've been trying to tell you something for a while now. Something that oughtn't be this difficult to share. You'll be happy for me, you'll probably even begin to hope for more frequent updates. That might be a false hope - we'll have to wait until the fat lady sings.

I'm sitting at Sydney International Airport awaiting my flight to Japan.

That sounds awfully exotic ( I flew up here today from Melbourne with the lovely Qantas people) and while it is, it's just the beginning. After I spend a little bit of time soaking in the sake and taking bad photos of tiled roofs, I'll be boarding another plane. This time to fly across the Pacific from Narita to the USA.

Yes, I'm coming to America. (if I were Willo I'd say "Brace yourself bitches!")

I'm visiting San Francisco to get my brows waxed.

I'm driving to Las Vegas to shoot guns.

I'm going to SXSW - Rosie? How could I think of this place and not think of you - I'm going to Austin! Texas for the rest of yous. don't worry, if you thought I was a dork at Webstock with Russell Brown, wait til I'm in the same room as Ze Frank. At least I have an outside chance Ze will think my accent is charming, Russell just knew I was drunk.

Then, then THEN.. hold on to your hat, Rosie (and Todd who doesn't read this blog but if he did and if he was wearing a hat it would blow OFF within the next second) I'm going to see Kiki in NYC.

No, really. Kiki. Me. NYC. It's gonna be like Devonport all over again but with more wine and better shoes! and more expensive!!

Is that even possible... it's been so long coming and 2010 has been a personal mountain of crap so far. So.. so.. so can't even tell you how crap.

I am not happy with this post - I may well delete it in the morning. Wesley? where's my neck pillow and my book light?!