Losing it

I've lost a set of keys. The keys to the old apartment. The most immediate problem is that the new apartment's mail box key is on that keyring and we have mail in our letterbox - important mail that might need signatures and stuff.

The keyring also holds the magnetic swipe key for getting into the old apartment which will be costly to replace, as will the locksmith's fee for having to replace the lock and replace the registered keys.


In other news, my snow globe broke and saturated my new passport. Yes, the passport I had to pay double for because I left renewing it too close to traveling. It will need replacing, there's no way Customs'll let me through the gate with the amount of water damage over the front and inside cover.

I hope this isn't an indication of the levels of excitement that 2009 holds for me. I will put up with the first quarter of the Year (it actually all started on Christmas Eve and hasn't stopped since) being intense and crazy and full of change and challenges, but by crikey, not the entire year!

Shape up 2009, get your shit together! <= how about you get *your* shit together, Michelle? Yes, okay. I can't even blame anything else - it's all me.