Event: Moving House

We spent Saturday moving from one side of the street to the other. While the distance between our old apartment and our new one was minimal, the effort to get our stuff from A to B remained the same as if we'd moved from Melbourne to Timbuktu!

Our new apartment is a two-storey affair, with a couple of spacious decks; one off the open plan lounge-room and one upstairs off the bedrooms, it has air conditioning. Sweet, cool, air conditioning. What a god-send after a week where temperatures reached up, over and beyond 40°C.

We don't have phone or an internet connection yet, but thankfully there are a couple of unsecure wireless networks in the building so piggy-backing on our neighbour's broadband is the go for the next week or so - sshh, don't tell anyone!

new apartment, old room-mates