Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 05:13 PM

I quite often feel like writing a post when I am no where near a computer. This might be because I am so very good at avoiding doing what is expected of me when things are expected of me: I procrastinate like no bodys business. In fact I am so good at procrastinating that I have developed a way of fooling myself into believing I am procrastinating while getting stuff done. Everyone who is reading this and NOT waiting on me to finish their website/determine accommodation in the USA/post that letter/tell them about my new job will believe my every word.

And now I have determined that I can type out a post via my iPhone and post to my blog while no where near my 'computer' (see what I did there?) I shall decide upon another, more convoluted reason not to blog.

Which is nuts because it is something I like doing.

But I find it hard since I lost my angry. Remember back when i worked for the learning curve? Eating curries and being furious all the time? It wasglorious blog-fodder. Now I am not angry anymore: well not _all_ the time: I got pretty damn furious with a "third party provider" the other day but had to store the bile away because no one seems to realise how he is Ripping Us Off with his ignorance.

But it passed with only a few extra fractures due to braxisms.

Mostly these days I am either happy or sad - the drunkywunky post was unusual and it was a little of column a masking column b.

And another thing: I started nanowrimo this year a whole month earlier and included november as well and managed to write less than any previous year despite having an actual storyline, plot and pretty decent character development.

I am unclear as to the point I am trying to make. Are you?