I love my life (cept i miss my kids)

>>bit drunky wunky<<

Sitting at home on the deck off our lounge (yes, we have more than one deck) with Willo then Fox comes home about 8pm and we're drinking martinis and eating bad crisps and forcing Jet into the turtle-shell swimming pool filled with rainwater and this is why I love Melbourne because I can come home after work on a Friday night given the task of buying martini glasses on the way home then arriving, catching up, drinking wine and beer and making martini and listening to Pearl Jam and rocking out as the sun dips below the horizon knowing that Bon Jovi documentary "when we were beautiful" is on SBS1 at 9:30pm.

My life: is good (except I miss my kids).


PS: the documentary was rubbish, watched the end of Die Hard 4 instead, then fell asleep to the beginning credits of The Big Lebowski. Now it's a beautiful, wide hope blue Melbourne Saturday - I still love my life and miss my kids, but with a lot less alcohol in my system :)