Yum Cha Sunday

Yum Cha at Minh Xuong is a great part of any given weekend - and a particularly good thing to do on this rainy Sunday.

Mars and Chaz dragged (I resisted as much as I could but they assured me, it was the perfect antidote for my hangover at the time) me to my first Minh Xuong yum cha a few months ago - as usual, they know what's best for me. I went with far less resistance this morning. We ate dim sims until we could not eat any more. Then I waddled out in search of an afternoon nap which reminded them they wanted to buy Peking Duck to take home for the pancakes part of their evening meal.

I have never eaten Peking Duck - in fact, I've only tried duck properly for the first time this year mostly from the French and Chinese cuisines. I've seen the glazed brown ducks hanging in Richmond store windows. I'm not sure they look appetising just hanging there like over-sunbaked grandmothers - but I'm not turned off by them either. I remember once having lunch on K'Road in Auckland, and Rosie insisting we change tables because "the ducks were watching [her]! "

Wikipedia has some information about Peking Duck - take that information with this BBC News | In Pictures: Making Peking Duck and it really hits the spot for getting to grips about how the duck is prepared.


Best Ducks in Melbourne - and of course, Smith Street's Old (Imperial) Kingdom gets a gold in the 'People's Choice' category - and it's just up the road!