Pearl Jam and guests

bright lights, crowd shots, Pearl Jam


Liam Finn: looks like his dad, rocks out like his uncle, and plays like a motherfucker! Excuse my French! Liam was accompanied, supported and harmonised with the gorgeous EJ Barnes.


Ben Harper: wonderful lyrics, fantastic musician, would prefer to spend time listening to him in a more intimate session - like The Gem, or Labour in Vain, or The Farm.


Pearl Jam: pure gold. Generous. Fabulous. Charismatic. I think they had as good a time as we did. Love a band who tend to cover.


Absolute highlight in an evening full of hightlights: Eddie Vedder and Liam Finn with a guitar each and Hunters & Collectors "Throw Your Arms".


Eddie and Ben's Under Pressure was pretty neat too. Another 'in-concert' shitty movie but the sound is okay.

The Age - Pearl Jam: A little greyer but no less grunt