Look - I wasn't going to do this for several reasons - mostly because there are actually only 7 of you out there (and I love everyone of you - you are all special in different ways - even you, Bob) and publicaddress.net has at *least* 20 (million) readers who vote them in every year as New Zealand's favourite blog (they are good but that's besides the point!)

I know I've been slack around here for the last couple of years - making people come back to check comments instead of adding a comments feed; not posting regularly; not spell checking; pilfering conversations and passing them off as blog content. I know. I KNOW!! and it's not like I'm promising to change or anything.. I'm just.. you know.. asking you to do something and get NOTHING IN RETURN! no wait.. let me reposition that.

I am still here* and, more importantly (and thank goodness) so are you (you are still reading this, right?) good.

My favour is to ask if you could manage to find five minutes before April 14th (NZ time) to vote for thejamjar.com in the blog catagory of the NetGuide Awards. I know I don't have any chance of winning, and that's not the point anyway; I would really love to have more than the one (I voted for myself) vote (I got really embarrassed after I hit the "submit" button) in the system!**

(cos I know if you don't , there will only be one vote, did I mention that? only one. Mine. And a comment. I made a comment. One of those comments someone hopped up on cheese sandwiches might write after watching MiramarMike as close to butt naked as any woman outside his marriage would ever hope to see and is now suffering a big dollop of regret mixed with a swirl of whakama (about the "voting for myself" thing, not the "seeing Mike close to butt naked" thing))***

* August 2nd 2008 is this blog's 10th Anniversary
** Yes I am whining again
*** sorry. vote. thnx.

[edit] I spotted this and this advertisement (original size as displayed on site) over at stuff.co.nz